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High-Density Colocation Makes Sense…

…and Saves Dollars.

VAZATA high-density colocation provides more server power in less rack space—and building space. This makes your data center resource more efficient and affordable.

If high-density colocation is right for your business needs, VAZATA data centers can deliver a superior level of compact, scalable computing performance and capacity that can help you manage costs while scaling to meet future needs. All with an unbeatable service level agreement that guarantees
100% availability for facilities, power, and multi-
homed internet connectivity.

VAZATA highlights:

  • Deep expertise lets us converse effectively at the IT, business unit and C-level.
  • Our highly secure, stable, scalable colocations are built on VAZATA-owned, best-in-class equipment and right-sized to serve companies of all sizes now and in the future.
  • High density cabinets support high power consumption.
  • Reliable business continuity and disaster recovery services available utilizing geographically redundant data centers.

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